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climbing guided 3We offer a range of outdoor and indoor climbing courses to suit all comers.  If you want a climbing session for a group (youth group, stag/hen party, school) then our ‘group climbing adventures’ may be for you.  Our ‘experience’ sessions cater for individuals or small groups of friends who want to discover climbing outside on real rock, or be taken on outdoor climbing adventures beyond what they have done before. Those wanting to learn or develop the skills needed for independent outdoor climbing will find the course for them from our range of ‘skills’ courses. In addition we offer bespoke courses so if you want something that you don’t see here, just ask. If you want advice about where you’re at with your climbing and how to take it forward then call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss it.


We run most of our outdoor climbing courses in Yorkshire, the Peak District, North Wales and the Lake District. If you have a different location in mind then let us know as we are often happy to run courses in other areas. 


Courses on offer


Group Climbing Adventures.

We offer half or full day sessions climbing and/or abseiling at outdoor crags and shorter sessions (from 1 hour to 4 hours) on indoor climbing walls. Suitable for groups of all kinds; school and youth groups, stag and hen parties, work place groups…
Suitable for up to 12 people.
Price:  From £155 for up to 6 people. From £300 for up to 12 people (£25 per person).
Previous experience required: None.

climbing group


Outdoor climbing experience

This is designed for individuals or small groups of friends or family members who want to be introduced to outdoor climbing. These courses are ideal for those who have previously climbed indoors as well as for those who have never climbed at all. Suitable for groups of up to 4 people
Price: Full day from £155. Half day from £99.
Maximum group size: 4 (from £38.75 per person for full day, £24.75 per person for a half day).
Experience required: None.

climbing outdoor 2


Skills for Independent Climbing (previously “Wall to Rock”):

This 2 day course is for people who want to learn to climb independently outdoors. It covers the skills needed to climb at single pitch crags using top ropes; skills which will open up a huge amount of quality climbing to you across the UK.  Top roping enables you to climb independently and is also a valuable building block for lead climbing. This course does not involve lead climbing.
Price: From £348.
Maximum group size: 6 (from £58 per person)
Previous experience required: Some outdoor climbing and/or climbing independently indoors.
Syllabus includes:
Guide book use, grades and route selection
Anchor selection and assessment
Selection and use of appropriate equipment
Setting up safe top ropes
Belaying in the outdoor context
Movement skills for climbing on rock

As with all our skills courses, the syllabus will be tailored to the needs of the individual so will vary from course to course.

independent 1


Skills for Lead Climbing 

Learn the skills required to start leading climbs outdoors. This 2-day course is also suitable for those who are already leading outside but would benefit from some professional instruction to fine tune their skills. 
Group size:  Up to 4 people.
Price: From £190 per day (from £31 per person).
Experience required: Independent outdoor climbing and/or leading indoors.
The syllabus will be tailored to your needs, but is likely to include:
Top rope systems including anchor selection and assessment
Belaying for the lead climber and the second in the outdoor environment
Equipment for lead climbing
Anchor selection and assessment
Managing risks on-lead, including runner placement and selection
Guide book use, grades and route selection

Please note that we do not guarantee that you will lead a route on this course. While this will be the aim it will depend upon the assessment of the instructor as to whether or not it is safe to do so. This assessment will take into account events on the day including the weather.
In addition to this 2-day course we also offer 1 day and multi-day courses to provide a quicker introduction, a recap, or a more in-depth course on which the need for prior experience may not apply. Please contact us to discuss a bespoke course.

lead 1


Skills for Multi Pitch Climbing.

Learn or develop the skills for multi pitch climbing. Making the move from single pitch climbing to multi pitch climbing offers new challenges and requires new skills. This course covers the skills you need to move into the multi pitch environment, including, for those that are ready for it, multi pitch leading. For those who already have multi-pitch climbing skills, this course can be tailored to develop those skills to a more advanced level. It is therefore suitable for 2 climbers at different stages in their skills and abilities. It can also be booked for a single climber.

Often booked as a 2-day course, this is also available as a single day for those wanting a quicker introduction or to fine tune their existing skills, and as a multi-day course for those who have the time to go into extra depth.
Price: from £180 per day (£90 each for 2).

multi 3


Skills for ‘Self Rescue’ 

This 2-day course is for those who are already climbing independently (whether or not you are a lead climber) on either single pitch or multi pitch climbs. It covers the techniques needed to get you and your partner safely out of various emergency and problem situations.
Techniques covered may include:
Abseiling and lowering past a knot
“Escaping the system”
Abseil rescue of a stuck/incapacitated climber
This course includes practising the techniques ‘in context’ on the cliff.
Price for up to 2 people: £370 (from £185 per person)
Price for 3 to 4 people:  £555 (from £137 per person)
Price for up to 6 people: £740 (from £123 per person)


Movement Skills

Want to improve your grade, at bouldering, indoor wall climbing, or outdoor climbing? This is the course for you.
Group size: Up to 6
Price: From £180 per day (from £30 per person for a group of 6)



Guided Experience

This course is for anyone that wants to be taken multi pitch climbing, including on mountain crags and sea cliffs. This could be as an introduction to multi pitch climbing prior to going on a skills course, could be because there is a route you’ve always wanted to do, or could just be because you want the experience. Either way a day of guided climbing can make this happen. Like all our courses this is available as a gift.
Suitable for 1 or 2 people. Price from £180 per day (£90 each for 2 people).
Experience required: None, other than for any specific routes requested which would require you to be able to second at the necessary standard.

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Liz wishes to convey her thanks as well, she says that your instructors were excellent, she has no complaints at all. Would you please in particular be able to pass on her thanks to Liz and Siobhan who did the climbing as they hadn’t come down with all their climbing gear before she and the girls left and could say a proper thank you to them – she says that both ladies were very patient and had excellent skills in coaxing and explaining to the girls, quite apart from clearly being very experienced in their climbing and abseiling. The girls also really enjoyed the adventurous walking and reported back that the instructors were great.


All in all a very successful day and we would be very happy to use Lupine again and recommend them to others.

Girlguiding North East England


We are a family of 5 ranging in age from 14 – 54 years old with virtually no climbing experience. Andy put together a great day of varied and challenging yet safe climbs that met all our needs.  We learnt a lot and came away with happy memories of a good day out!  Many thanks.

Mary Sawtell



I’ve just returned from holiday to absolutely fantastic feedback from the staff about the trip. The young people had an amazing time, and did something they would never normally get the opportunity to do


The staff said the day went really smoothly, that the 3 of you were brilliant and they felt like the young people were very safe.

I can’t possibly thank you enough for organising this amazing trip for us!! 

Suzy Flattery, Barnardos Willow Project




Just to let you know we had a fantastic day yesterday with Gavin and Ben.


They are great guys and work well as a team. We had a lot of fun with them and they are both very capable climbing instructors.


We felt relaxed and safe with them and did 5 climbs each including a very severe!

Paul Melleney

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