Open DofE Expeditions for Individuals

The expedition section of the DofE consists of 4 parts. Training, Practice expedition, Qualifying expedition and then a Presentation. All parts need signing off at all levels (with the exception of Bronze which does not require a practice expedition). Open DofE expeditions are expeditions where individuals who don’t know each other can band together to form a group to do their expedition together.

Most people who attend our open DofE expeditions fall into one of two camps.

1) They do a full programme with us as they can’t do it at their school or they have left school.

2) They do just the assessed expedition with us as they couldn’t make the dates that their school set for their expedition. This usually happens due to holiday, illness or injury.

However, as our programme is entirely modular some people just do the training and practice then go on to do their assessed with someone else. Alternatively, they just do the practice expedition before re-joining their school group for the assessed.

We are aware that the physical challenge will be different for different individuals. For each expedition we have given an indication of how far you can expect to need to walk, to get to your campsite, on the longest day of the expedition. If you have any concerns about doing this please speak to us about whether it can be made suitable for you– we pride ourselves on making our expeditions work for everyone involved wherever possible.

We also run bespoke training courses – for groups from two upwards – at a time to suit you. Please get in touch if you would like further information on this or to set a date.

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FREE places on Gold programme

10 Day Gold Expedition Programme 2024

A number of FREE places for individuals living in households with a relatively low income.