Welsh 1000's walk - cantilever

Welsh 1000’s

The forecast had been terrible. However, I awoke at 05:30 in Llanberis to blue skies and sunshine. I checked the forecast again and it was better, still terrible but better. I drove out to Llandudno to meet Hugh and the other 19 participants. This was when the thunder and lightning started. After a short briefing I drove to the start point to meet Richie and Patrick, the two other leaders who were to work the day with me. On the way I received a text from Richie.

Potentially worth adding a clause to your website: “Please do not book your long distance endurance-based events on the date of the apocalypse”

Apparently the weather wasn’t any better in the Mountains.

We took the difficult decision that we could not go up to the first ridge as there was still the occasional lightning bolt so informed the group that we would go up to the corrie and go round the base and back to Ogwen Cottage before going over the Glydders. As we trekked up the side of the hill the cloud dispersed completely so we changed plan again and went for the tops.

Just as we approached the first top the cloud came back. We did the Carneddau section taking in Carnedd Llewelyn and Carnedd Dafydd in pretty poor visibility and torrential rain at times in 6 hours.

We decided that we couldn’t really go on as we were, two of the 20 decided that a 6 hour mountain day was enough and they had had quite enough fun already and left it at that. The rest split in to two teams.  Patrick heroically took 3 off to complete their Plan A challenge of the Welsh 1000’s finishing at 23:20. The remaining 15 decided that one of their priorities for the day included curry and beer so Richie and I took them for a further 6 hour walk up by the Devils Kitchen, over both the Glydders and down Bristly Ridge to make sure they had earned it.

I think it was a tough day with tough conditions and tough decisions to be made on the way. Everyone did exceptionally well and seemed to have a great day.

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