Expedition training for teachers & youth workers

There are two levels of training that we provide. We provide acredited training in the form of the Level 3 in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL). This is a 6 day course that will give you a national recognised qualification after you have completed a subsequent assessment. More information and dates of these courses are available on our Basic Expedition Leadership pages.


2 Day Unaccredited Training Course

We also have a 2 day training course that we can run for groups of teachers and helpers at your school or youth group. This course will give an understanding of how to teach expedition skills and a system of conducting remote supervision.



Day 1 - How to Teach Navigation

We will run through the way that we approach the teaching of navigation skills both showing what we do and explaining the rationale behind it. We start off in the classroom with map familiarisation and the theory of fair weather navigation. In the classroom we cover

  • Maps as a representation of the ground
  • Scales and accuracy
  • Measuring distance
  • Grid references
  • Fair weather navigation theory
  • The compass and taking bearings from the map

In the afternoon we will go outside and take you through a structured navigation course. We will not only be teaching you navigation skills but teaching you how to teach them too. We will give you a framework to work in for building up the difficulty of tasks at a manageable rate.


Day 2 - Remote Supervision, searches, other area of the expedition training and more navigation.

In the morning of day 2 we will focus on remote supervision and searches. This will be part instruction and part skill share and discussion, while we have ideas on best practice we recognise that there is no single right way that fits all groups and situations. Topics covered will include

  • Defining remote supervision in the context of expeditions
  • Where to position yourself
  • How much contact to have, when to be seen and when to stay hidden
  • Getting the most out of a team of workers and volunteers
  • Kit - What's in your bag
  • Searching for lost groups

In the afternoon we'll either cover the teaching of other aspects of foot based expeditions or go outside again for more navigation training. When booking we will ask you if you have any specific areas that you are interested in us focusing this session around. Again we'll go into how we teach these sessions and why.

  • Emergency procedures
  • First aid
  • Packing a rucksack
  • Menu Planning

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any further information or a quote.


This training residential weekend for teachers and staff does not replace the DofE Supervisors course which may be required by the organisation you work with.


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