Ticks, Gas and Remote Supervision

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DofE Professionals Newsletter December 18



Lupine LogoHi Everyone

With the summer over it is time to update you on additions to the resources, what we have coming up over the autumn and I thought I'd share some links this month too. We've had a fantastic year running more expeditions than ever before and for more schools and youth groups. If you would like help with your groups then please do get in touch to discuss how we may help you.


 Additions to the course notes document

lyme disease pageWe've added two more pages to the ever expanding course notes document. Ticks and Lyme disease (page 14) and Gas Trangia use (page 26).

We were going to add a bit on Ticks to the first aid page but it quickly became apparent that it really needed a page of its own so with the help of Lyme Disease Action we created a new page.

We were also approached by a teacher from a school in Kettering to produce a gas page similar to our Meths Trangia page so we obliged. It will be useful for other gas cooking systems too.

The new course notes document is now a pleasing 36 pages (the ex-printer in me is very satisfied) and can be downloaded from http://www.lupineadventure.co.uk/downloads/dofe-downloads.html It is item number 1 on the list.


Remote supervision and Searches

We actually wrote this booklet back in 2013 but have never really made it look pretty. The text is sound but it is lacking a bit in the picture side of things. We have decided that we'd put it out there anyway and hope to improve its layout over time.

The booklet is A5 and has been imposed on A4 so if you double sided print it you can read it as a booklet. It can be downloaded from our downloads page. It is number 6 in the list but this link should take you straight there. http://www.lupineadventure.co.uk/downloads/dofe-downloads.html#rss

Mountain training also released a booklet on remote supervision for which we supplied a number of photographs see the downloads below to take a look at their version too.


Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) training course

We're running a week long Level 3 in Basic Expedition Leadership from 22-27 October 2016 from the Malham Tarn Field Studies Centre in the Yorkshire Dales.

If you need to get qualified to take groups out in low lying countryside then take a look at our Basic Expedition Leadership page.



October Open Gold Expedition

If you have any participants who couldn't make, or had to drop out of, their Gold Expedition this year then we have an open expedition running this October in Yorkshire. The cost is £219 and the dates are 24-28 October 2016. Visit our Open Expeditions page for more information.




We have no connections to either of these companies (other than being satisfied customers) but we thought we'd pass their links on...

http://dash4it.co.uk/ sell OS maps mail order. They cost under £10 for a laminated 1:25000 so you get quite a saving when buying quite a few.

http://www.tickcard.co.uk/ We bought a load of these a couple of years ago (they are under £2.50 each), we give them out on our Mountain Skills courses and we have one in each of our group first aid kits that we provide for our DofE participants who need to borrow a first aid kit.

And lastly...

http://www.mountain-training.org/england/resources This is a link to the Mountain Training resources page which also has a free downloadable booklet on remote supervision. Theirs is a lot prettier than ours (even though they used the same photos) and you can buy printed version from them.


Please do get in touch if you need help with the training and supervision of any of your DofE groups this year or next or if you have any ideas for new resources that you would like us to have a go at creating.

Andy Godfrey


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