Open Gold Practice Expedition

Location: The Yorkshire Dales
Date: 31 July – 3rd August 2024
Price: £243

£200 if you book before 10 June 2024

You will need to arrive at 17:00 on the evening of 31st July to do the expedition on 1-3 August. On this expedition you can expect to walk around 15-19 kms per day. This price includes 3 nights camping fees use of a tent, stove/fuel and any personal equipment (waterproofs, rucksack etc) you need to borrow. You will need to bring all your expedition food with you when you arrive. An evening meal is provided on the 31st.

This expedition includes no training. It is designed for individuals who, for whatever reason, could not complete their practice expedition as planned. We will need to see proof that you have received full expedition training.