Winter Walking Kit List

The right kit when winter walking is important. Some of it is down to personal preference, though much is essential. Below is a recommended kit list, if you have any questions then please ask in advance of your trip.

If you don't have any of the following kit then please let us know beforehand. We can supply pretty much all of the following though we don't stock a large range of suitable winter walking boots (but we have a few pairs). See below for a list of companies who hire out winter kit.



  • Winter walking boots (ones designed to take a crampon).  
  • Crampons of the right sort to fit your boots
  • Ice Axe (preferably a walking axe 50-60cm)
  • Climbing helmet (if you are wearing crampons you will usually be wearing your helmet)
  • Day or Expedition Rucksack (you'll probably need 40-50 litre)
  • Thermals or suitable under clothing (optional)
  • Insulating layers – at least one mid weight and one warm fleece layer (optional)
  • General trekking trousers / more leggings.
  • Good Waterproof jacket (with a good hood)
  • Waterproof over-trousers or salopettes
  • Thick socks 
  • Spare fleece/insulated jacket 
  • Balaclava or hat and buff combo 
  • Mitts and / or gloves - a thin pair, thick pair (& maybe big mitts over the top or in your bag as spares!) 
  • Goggles (advice on buying goggles here)
  • Gaiters (not absolutely essential but they may save your waterproofs from an accidental crampon spike and stop snow going down your boots)
  • Whistle 
  • Head torch (Days are short... there is a strong chance we will plan to be out walking during dusk or darkness)
  • Spare batteries for your torch and / or spare torch
  • Water bottle 
  • Personal medication
  • Food
  • Thermos flask (Optional)
  • Map and Compass (and a map case if required. If you are not wanting to learn to navigate then you need not bring these)
  • Walking poles (optional, bring them if you usually use them)

Additional Kit for multi-day expeditions

  • Larger Rucksack (unless you have really good lightweight kit)
  • Sleeping bag / Bivi bag
  • Insulating roll mat
  • Stove
  • Winter Poo Kit
  • Toothbrush


In addition to all this your leader will be carrying the following emergency equipment. A rope, first aid kit, snow shovel, survival bag, group shelter and if you are lucky a bag of sweets.


People who hire out winter kit



Cairngorm Mountain Sport and Cafe: 01479 810 903
Ellis Brigham: 01479 810 175 - Kit hire page
Mountain Spirit: Tel: 01479 811 788
Nevis Sport: 01479 810 239
Active Outdoor Pursuits, NewtonMore 01540 210 000
Tiso (and in other Scottish Cities)
Everyday Climbing 07841131463

Fort William

Cotswold Outdoor: 01397 747338
Ellis Brigham: 07397 706220 - Kit hire page
Nevis Sport: 0139 7704 921
Scottish mountain Hire - 07752587388


Basecamp Bunkhouse 07538381961
: 01690 72021


Hayley Webb 07909 544 736

Internet based