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Winter Skills for University Mountaineering Clubs


Winter is coming. Its time to be sharpening our ice axes, fitting our crampons, polishing our ice screws and finding our down jackets.


The Scottish mountains are at their most exciting, beautiful and adventure filled during the winter months.


University mountaineering clubs offer many students their first experiences of winter mountaineering. Committee members spend a lot of time assisting freshers and new members in developing movement, navigation and ice axe skills.


Lupine Adventure Co-op is in a position to assist you and your club in training your less experienced members in winter mountaineering skills. We will have instructors based in the Fort William and Aviemore areas from January through to March.


You can book us at the beginning of your trip to give your less experienced members a crash course in winter safety, ice axe and crampon use, other movement skills etc. before taking them out yourselves later in the week. We would strongly recommend a hiring us for a two day course to enable us to cover all the basics and move into more advanced areas for those who wish to learn more.



We can even run a course for the more experienced members on snow pack analysis, winter navigation, group management, weather and avalanche forecast interpretation, route choice, emergency shelter building etc.


The exact syllabus will vary depending on weather conditions and what you are most keen to learn. Each day will begin with a briefing on the current weather and avalanche forecasts and will involve snow pack analysis throughout the day.


Our prices start at less than £35 per person per day for a fully qualified winter mountain leader to either give your beginners a great grounding in the basics of winter walking or your more experienced members more of the skills required to lead a group safely in winter in the mountains





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Winter Skills Feedback

"I really enjoyed this course and learnt a huge amount which I was able to put into practice. The third day was a consolidation day for me and I am glad I stayed on for it as I really became comfortable for the first time using the gear. Our grade 1 climb up Stob Coire nan Lochan pushed me and gave me a sense of achievement. Andy has great insights and use of psychology and helped me build confidence for the final tricky part of the ascent. Overall the trainer made this event what it was and I take my hat off to Andy’s good nature, professionalism and ability. "

Tony Dolman



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