Orienteering days

orienteering-mapOrienteering is a great activity for groups of 4 to, well fairly unlimited numbers depending on the course. The actual activity can be run a number of ways but the usual method is to give teams a map and a list of 'controls' to find. The different controls have different values depending on the distance from the start point and how well they are hidden. The teams have a set time to visit gain as many points as possible.


The session can be run straight out of the bus at the orienteering course for experienced groups or following a couple of hours of training on navigation using orienteering maps, strategy and safety.

The days are great fun, participants often comment on how it was much more enjoyable then they thought it would be, even in the rain!!

Prices will vary considerably depending on the location of the course, amount of training required and numbers involved so please do get in touch for a quote.