chiswick-yr10-016In July we put on a year group camp in Surrey for 130 year 10's from a London based school. We had worked with the school the previous year when about 80 year 10's came up to the Peak District and endured terrible weather during a 3 day walking expedition around Edale.


As this was to be the whole year group to save on the transport costs our 16 staff went down to them to the Surrey Hills. We had the group for 3 days and ran a variety of activites where the groups competed for points. These involved various team builiding / and learning games as well as what could best be decribed as a large orinteering course that covered a vast area that they could also choose to use to collect points.


On top of that different groups got up to different activities that took their fancy, One lot built a big swing out of pionerring poles, we had a pretty massive tug of war, some just wanted to light a fire and toast marshmellows.


It was a great 3 days that finished on a massive game of capture the flag in the woods (which was frankly terrifying).