Recommended Kit

Below we have tried to identify different kit that we use and rate here at Lupine Adventure Co-op. Most of it is linked to Amazon so you can see it (and if you buy it via these links we get a few pennies, we've earned £11 in the first 5 years!!). Some of it isn't available on Amazon so I've linked that separately.


Personal kit

Perry Whistle.

Cheap and essential

Silva Compasses

These are currently the leading compasses in the UK. These are recommended over other compasses for their long base plate (for taking bearings) and 3 romer scales. The Expedition 54 is so much more expensive as it's sighting system can give much more accuate bearings (probably more accurate than is absolutly necessary for most of us).

Map cases.

These are 2 good examples of the soft plastic which doesn't split so easily.
Maps If you want cut price OS maps then head over to Dash 4 it.

Counting beads

Put 5 of them on your compass string (not so close to upset the needle) to count off each 100 metres as you pace it out.

Dry Bags

Everything in your bag should be in a dry bag (unless you don't mind it getting wet). Even if your bag does claim to be waterproof.


This is the brand that I use

Emergency Shelter / Bothy bag

These are the cheapest bothy bags I have found. I can't bring myself to spend a fortune on something so simple. They aren't quite as small and light as some other brands but I like them


Jet Boil's are awesome for what they are. Yes they are limited but if you can arrange your food using just boiling water they are the Bee's knees.


You can also look up the Brukit from Alpkit for a cheaper alternative.


For group use we use trangia's. They come in 2 sizes the 25 and the 27. Confusingly the large one is the 25.



Tick Removal

These days it is best to have some sort of tick removal device on your person. See Lyme Disease Action for more information

DofE leaders

Umbrella:. If you are waiting about for a long time it is much more comfortable under an umbrella (you can read) rather than just relying on your waterproofs. This one has wind vents so it won't turn inside out.


Spot 3. We use this more as an emergency button rather than a tracker but are very impressed with it for both uses. Feel free to call us for more details of our experience with it.


Staedtler Pens. We have found that these are the best permenant markers to use on maps. They are the super fine ones and the red is both visable and cleans off ok (Some colours clean off easier than others).


Oasis water purification tablets.

For more infomation on some of the stranger items on the right view our blog post for DofE Leaders, tips, tricks and hacks

DofE Group Kit

Winter kit

Snow shovel and avalanche probe (3 metres).


Avalanche probes are very useful for measuring the depth of snow before starting to dig a shelter. I've also used mine for obtaining a spare key from behind the security grill in a YHA reception when I locked mine in my room and encouraging a mouse into a box before defenestrate it (not while in a YHA I hasten to add.)


Great Books



Guide Books



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