Open Gold dates, BEL course report and Green Form Database in the making

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DofE Professionals Newsletter December 18



Lupine LogoHi Everyone

In the short rest bite between the summer half term and the busy period at the start of the summer holidays I thought I would drop you a quick line with 3 little updates

  • Open Gold Expeditions
  • Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) course report
  • Database to automate Green forms in production


Open Gold Expeditions this summer

We already have 4 people booked on our training, 8 on the practice and 9 on the Assessed this summer so all are (as usual) running. We're probably going to cap the practice and qualifying groups at 2 teams so if you have any students who need either a practice or assessed expedition (or even anyone who needs the whole thing including training) please do put them in touch. The dates are as follows

  • 29-31 July 2016 Gold training based at Baildon (Yorkshire)
  • 31 July - 3 August 2016 Gold Practice expedition starting at Baildon and ending in Skipton (Yorkshire)
  • 25-29 August 2016 Gold practice or assessed expedition starting at ending at Windermere (Lake District)

Full details are available on this page of our web site



Level 3 in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) - Report

group photoWe ran our first intensive 6 day BEL course at the summer half term out of Malham Tarn Field Studies Centre. The Level 3 Certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) is a nationally recognised qualification that trains and qualifies teachers, youth workers and others to lead people on overnight expeditions in lowland countryside.

There is a short report and some photos on our web site here,

With quite a few more photos on our Facebook page,


We are intending to run these courses every October and June half term. The next one being 22-27 October. If you or anyone you work with want to do this fantastic course then please take a look at this web page.


If we work with your groups on bronze expeditions then attending this course will mean that we can treat you as a member of our staff meaning that we can hire 1 fewer lupine staff member. This should save you the cost of the course in the first year and then save money for future years!!


Green Form database in the making

Of the 1287 people on this email list I expect that this will greatly excite about 5 of you, mildly interest about another 50 and be of no interest at all to the rest but here goes. Being a bit of a Technophile I've had a hankering to write a database to make green form completion a bit more streamlined and this spring I actually did it. I can now complete a green form in under 5 minutes. If there is a second group out following a similar route then I can duplicate the record with the click of a button and make the small number of changes necessary in under 3 minutes (to be honest I do a bit of technical wizardry to do the participants so I don't actually fill that bit in so it may take you a bit longer).


If you want to use it then you will need Microsoft Access (it has been written in Access 2007) to make it work. It is very much in development at the moment but I have now used it for 4 live jobs and I absolutely love it. If you would like a copy to try out then email me and I will send one on. If you do get a copy then it would be great to get feedback on how to improve it before I put it on the website in the Autumn. I expect that the green forms will change soon but if that happens I'll update it as I can't consider going back to the old way of doing it.


There is 5 minute video on YouTube to give a bit of a taster of the database where I (partly) fill in 2 green forms in under 5 minutes (which is as long as I can record my screen for).


As usual drop us a line if you need any last minute help on your expeditions or if you would like a quote for delivering the DofE next year.


Andy Godfrey


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