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DofE professionals newsletter September 18



Lupine LogoHi, Everyone

Just a short update with a new resource and some info on other services we offer.

DofE assessor report PDF

At Lupine we use a fair few external assessors and as we are not the participants DofE Leaders we can't tell when they have put their assessor reports in. In the days before eDofE made it possible to submit your assessor reports on line we used to take a copy of the reports before handing them back to the participants to ensure that we had a record of the completion of the course. These days with assessors filing on-line we have no way of knowing if this has been done yet and sometimes the assessor thinks it has been done but eDofE hasn't recorded it correctly. Our solution is to ask our assessors to fill in this Report PDF and e-mail it to us. We then do the final part of copy and pasting it into eDofE and we can keep the report in case we need it in future.

It is item 7 in the list of downloads which can be found here.


Activity camps

pudding stoneLupine have run a few activity camps over the years when requested by various organisations and have decided to actively pursue further work of this sort. We have run these camps in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Kent, Surrey and Cumbria but there is no real reason why we can't do them anywhere in the country. If you or anyone in your school or youth group wants to do a year group camp, multi day geography or biology field trip or enrichment week camps then take a look at our page on activity camps for more information.



Gold DofE in the Alps or the Picos de Europa?

Lupine ran our first European Gold expedition this year to the French Alps. Despite the weather it went rather well so we have decided that we would accept and advertise future DofE Gold expeditions to the Alps and another area that we are very familiar with, the Picos de Europa in the Basque area of Spain. If you have a group who want to do something a bit different for their Gold expedition along these lines then please put them in touch.



I've just discovered word clouds and thought I'd create one with using all the feedback we've received about our DofE work.


Other services we offer
Full DofE expeditions
Supervisor and / or Assessor only cover for DofE expeditions
Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL)
Geography and Biology field trips (ML cover for your programme)
DofE Residentials
Hill Skills and Mountain Skills courses (for over 14's)
Year group activity camps
Yorkshire 3 Peaks and other mountain challenges
Rock Climbing sessions





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