Updated course notes, Expedition programme costs, Bel course, Open gold exped in October

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DofE professionals newsletter December 18



Lupine LogoHi Everyone

Just a few things to update you on this September


Updated course notes

coursenotesWe've changed the 'Compass use' page on our course notes and updated the lesson plans accordingly. We took the decision to change the way that we explain how to take a compass bearing from the map. We did take a 'the compass is a conversion tool' approach. We now explain how to make the compass tell you in which direction a particular bearing is and then how to use to use a compass to accurately work out what bearing a path follows. I hope you like the change. 



Full expedition programme costs

Our main business at Lupine Adventure is providing the DofE to Schools and youth groups. For more information please do visit our web page on the topic. http://www.lupineadventure.co.uk/dofe-expeditions-for-schools.html

We can provide training at your premises or on a residential. Some example 'in house' training costs are below.

Training: Training on a weekend at your premises with a return (for a few hours) between practice and qualifying expedition to do the qualifying route planning.

Practice Expedition: Bronze practices will be 2 days long. Silver and Gold Practices will be 3 days long. Campsite fees are included but participants will be expected to bring their own food. Transport to the expedition venue is available on request

Assessed Expedition: Bronze assessed expeditions are typically 2 days long, Silver 3 days and Gold 4.5 days.


Level Bronze Silver  Gold 
 Prices from*  £188 per participant  £260 per participant  £324 per participant


*The prices listed assume a programme of 28 students. Please contact us for an accurate quote for your participants


Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL) 24th-29th October 2015

Mountain Skills 029The Level 3 Basic Expedition Leadership award is a nationally recognised qualification that many organisations require people to hold before supervising groups in lowland countryside. With this qualification you can supervise bronze and silver expeditions so long as their routes are within the remit of the BEL award.

We have spaces on our Basic Expedition Leadership training running from 24th-29th October. We are basing this course at Ingleton YHA (North Yorkshire). The Cost of the course is £380. This cost covers instruction only. Please take a look at our Basic Expedition Leadership page for more information.

If Lupine Adventure run your expeditions then with the BEL training under your belt we can use you as a leader, taking charge of your own group (as there will be fully qualified Lupine staff in the area). This means that we have to employ one less person for every expedition. If Lupine run your Bronze expeditions already and you do the BEL training then your organisation will save the cost of the training within 2 bronze expeditions!



October Open Gold

discussion and keeping together 021We have an open gold expedition going out from 26th to 30th October 2015. If you have any one who had to drop out of their group for any reason and wants to get their expedition section finished this year then please let them know about it. Participants can also use it as a practice expedition if they wish. http://www.lupineadventure.co.uk/open-dofe-expeditions-for-individuals.html


Other services we offer
Full DofE expedition programmes
Supervisor and / or Assessor only cover for DofE expeditions
Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL)
Geography and Biology field trips (ML cover for your programme)
DofE Residentials
Hill Skills and Mountain Skills courses (for over 14's)
Year group activity camps
Yorkshire 3 Peaks and other mountain challenges
Rock Climbing sessions




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