2 new pages in our 40 page course notes document

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DofE Professionals Newsletter December 18



Lupine LogoHi Everyone

A quick post half term update from us at Lupine Adventure Co-op.


Contents of this newsletter.


Personal Kit pages in Course Notes document

footwearWe've added another 2 pages of our course notes document on personal kit. It is something that we have resisted before as it is so open to personal preference (there is probably something in there that you don't agree with :-) ). However, we think that sometimes a bit of  a pointer towards the sort of kit that can be used on expeditions will be of help. We have tried to lean towards the budget end to be of maximum use.

You can download the latest version of our course notes document from our DofE downloads page


Two free places on our expedition programme

Each year we run an open 10 day programme for the expedition section. This year the combined training and practice expeditions are 26-31 July 2018 and the assessed expedition is 15-19th August 2018. We always offer free places to those on relatively low incomes or those who are in, or have recently left, care. Please do help us publicise this. For more information on this scheme please visit our website.


Blog Posts on Tips & Trackers

We've written 2 blog posts on tracking groups and a post on bits of kit that you may find useful as a DofE Expedition Leader.

You can visit our blog to see these articles and more or you can click the links below to go straight to them.

The first article is on why we have started to use trackers and how we utilise them. The second article is on some of the different tracking options available to DofE groups.


The other blog post that you may enjoy is our DofE Leader, tips, tricks and hacks page. Fourteen bits of kit (all but 2 of which cost under £10) you maybe didn't realise you needed :-) .


4 Things about Lupine Adventure Co-op and how we run our expeditions

4 things about lupine adventure and our expeditions. 1- We are not for profit. 2- EVERYONE gets paid the same wage £21840 3-we staff with one instructor per group 4- we'll work with you to make it happen

 Add us to your address book

Please take a moment to add lupine@lupineadventure.co.uk to your address book or contact list. This will help us to always get through to you and others.

Get in touch

Please do get in touch if you would like help with training, supervision or assessing your groups. For more information on how we can help established groups go here. http://www.lupineadventure.co.uk/dofe-expeditions-for-schools.html

If you have any ideas for resources that you would find useful then get in touch and we'll see if we can develop them.


I hope you all have a great year 

Andy Godfrey

Other services we offer
Full DofE expeditions
International Gold Expeditions in Europe
Supervisor and / or Assessor only cover for DofE expeditions
Geography and Biology field trips (Mountain Leader cover for your programme)
Hill Skills and Mountain Skills courses (for over 14's)
Year group activity camps
Yorkshire 3 Peaks and other mountain challenges
Rock Climbing sessions




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