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DofE Professionals Newsletter December 18



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Green Forms... We've 2 handy new ways to fill in green forms that may make your life easier. See below for more information.

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Green Forms in Excel and Access formats

In the autumn we told you we had been working on a Microsoft Access version of the Green Form. A few people got in touch and we sent out some copies. We got a bit of feedback and are a bit happier to put it out on general release. I'm not great on Access but it has been incredibly useful to me and others. I managed to write 26 different green forms in only 90 minutes. I realise that the Microsoft Access green form won't be for everyone. In fact I am sure it will only be of help other AAP's or those who are a bit tech savvy and have large quantities (>50) of green forms a year to fill in.

After reporting (boasting) about my success using the Access database on the DofE Leaders UK Facebook group someone mentioned that they had a version in Excel. Their excel version wasn't really ready for external use so I decided to have a go at making one myself. It only took a couple of hours and I think that it will be really useful to just about anyone who wants to fill in a green form quickly. I think that Excel is a far better programme fro this sort of thing than Word.

Both the Access and Excel versions are available for download from our website. The Excel version is password protected to make filling it in easier but I understand that you may want to copy huge chunks from one to another which will probably mean you need the password which is 'lupine'

If you have any feedback on either of these files then please do get in touch.

To download these files then please visit the downloads section of our website.

They are items 8 and 9 on the list


Expedition supervision solutions

If you would like help supervising you expeditions then get in touch. We can work in one of three ways.

  1. Take complete responsibility and run your expeditions with our staff
  2. Send however many staff you require to top up your own staff. When working like this we will be working under your direction we will need to have proof that the Expedition Director running the expedition on the ground is qualified for the terrain that they will be operating in (ML, HML, LLL or BEL depending on the location.
  3. We direct the expedition with our staff supplemented with your staff who will need to be either qualified or formally trained to a suitable level.


Please get in touch for more details on any of these options


Write a review?

If you have used our services or our resources it would be nice if you could write a review in google. To do so click here and look for the 'write a review' button in the google box. This is on the right hand side on a desktop.


Other services we offer
Full DofE expeditions
Supervisor and / or Assessor only cover for DofE expeditions
Geography and Biology field trips (Mountain Leader cover for your programme)
Hill Skills and Mountain Skills courses (for over 14's)
Year group activity camps
Yorkshire 3 Peaks and other mountain challenges
Rock Climbing sessions




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