Hiring a supervisor for your Duke of Edinburgh's Award group


If you need a supervisor for your Duke of Edinburgh's (DofE) Award group then Lupine Adventure can help out.

If you have a suitably qualified member of staff on the expedition (BEL, HML, ML, LLL depending on the terrain) and are happy to take responsibility for the expedition and the direction of our staff then you and hire as many or as few of our staff as you need. If Lupine Adventure are to be running the expedition then we will decide on the staffing levels requiredbut if you have some staff who are qualified or trained in a suitable qualification then we are happy for them to join our team and work under our instruction therefore saving you the cost of us staffing it 100%. 

As a company Lupine Adventure Co-operative hold an Adventure Activities Licensing Authority licence. This License is required by law if your group is going to be wandering into areas more than 30 minutes from the nearest road. We are also Approved Activity Providers (AAP) for the Expedition section of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

If you would like to hire Lupine Adventure to supervise your group then please get in touch.steppingstones