Lupine is now able to offer caving activities in the Yorkshire Dales.

cavingWe can run underground trips of a few hours duration or incorporate short visits into cave entrances as part of a guided walk on the surface, exploring the limestone scenery – spotholing. Up to half a day’s activity makes for a good introductory experience.

We provide all personal safety and specialist equipment. Your visit will be under the supervision of qualified and experienced instructors carrying comprehensive group safety kit and a wealth of knowledge.

Exploring caves is an exciting adventure into an alien world. However, it’s much more than simply an underground obstacle course. Your instructors can explain the process of the cave’s development (meeting the study needs of students if need be) and something of the history of its exploration. Importantly they’ll allow you opportunity to enjoy the sensory thrill and calming quality of total darkness and the beauty of rock formed by water. We hope you’ll go away loving caves and caving.

Participant numbers are kept low, generally below 6, for conservation reasons and to ensure a high quality of experience. Larger groups can be accomodated, however, by rotating venues or routes within caves.

Caves are varied. We’ll discuss your plans with you and devise an itinerary to suit – families, school groups, adult friends or corporate groups. We could incorporate transport or refreshments into your visit or devise a day of activities to include climbing, hillwalking, navigation training or problem solving games.

Please get in touch to arrange a caving trip.

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Some of the Caves Visited

rope accessAround Chapel-le-Dale

  • Great Douk Cave - a waterfall climb, canyon passage and an optional wriggle to the surface at Middle Washfold Caves.
  • Sunset Hole – a stroll on Southerscales, past Braithwaite Wife Hole and into the entrance of this classic vertical pothole.

Around Ribblehead

  • Roger Kirk Cave – an adventurous trip with a wet wriggle through The Tube. Crawling, walking and wading to surface downstream
  • Thistle and Runscar Caves – a classic novices’ trip to whet the appetite.

All the Ribblehead trips provide the opportunity to explore the labourers’ settlement and workings around the viaduct and signs of more ancient habitation.

In Kingsdale

  • Yordas Cave - walk inside (and out again, if you like) this former 19th Century show-cave with its impressive main chamber. Visit the watery Chapterhouse, climb into Yordas’s Bed-chamber and exit, if you’re feeling brave, through the Gravelator.
  • Kingsdale Master Cave, Valley Entrance – the historic breakthrough passage into the heart of Kingsdale’s underground river system.

Around Selside and Alum Pot

  • Upper and Lower Long Churn Caves – perhaps the classic venue of the district. Home of The Cheesepress, Double Shuffle and Plank Pools, Dr Bannister’s Handbasin and other memorable locations. An adventure playground and scenic wonderland beneath the turf.
  • Borrins Moor Cave – walking passage lowers to a crawl in water to a wet exit at the resurgence and a flirt with Hydrophobia Inlet.

Birkwith Area

A walk in on a pleasant day is rewarded with a “safari” of:

  • Browgill Cave, Old Ing Cave and Birkwith Cave for a fuller day of exploration and, perhaps, a picnic.

If there’s a particular cave you have in mind, that you’d like to visit, we’ll try to make that possible.

kids cavePricing

From £225-£250 for a half day for up to 6 people in the Yorkshire Dales (price depending on safety kit requirements). Please feel free to discuss your ideas with us.

Please Note

Although caving can be a year-round activity. All caves are more or less susceptible to heavy rainfall and high ground water levels. For this reason it may be necessary to change venues at fairly short notice or, in rare cases, to cancel. In all cases efforts will be made to reschedule.

There’s probably a cave trip to suit nearly all ages and levels of ability but participants need, generally, to have good mobility, balance and health. Caving sometimes proves not to be for everyone so we take things slowly, at least at first, and work to the capabilities of all participants. If you’re concerned about your ability to participate in caving please talk to us and we’ll see what we can work out. Small groups including parents/carers might be most suitable for children under 7.

 Please get in touch to arrange a caving trip.


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